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Robo Combat

       Robot combat is a form of robot competition where custom-built machines engage in battles, employing a range of tactics to disable each other. Typically, these machines are operated remotely by humans rather than being autonomous robots.

       As the pioneering team from Karnataka, we achieved a groundbreaking accomplishment by constructing the first-ever wireless combat robot. In our debut entry into the Robowars competition at SPCE Andheri, we emerged victorious, clinching the first-place position. Our robot fearlessly battled against the finest teams in India, receiving accolades for its elegant design and formidable strength. Furthermore, our exceptional performance continued as our robot claimed another first-place victory in the subsequent event hosted at IIT Madras.

          Our team proudly boasts a diverse range of combat robots competing in three distinct weight categories. With our expertise and dedication, we have developed formidable bots in the 8kg, 15kg and 30kg categories. Each robot is meticulously designed and engineered to excel in its respective weight class, showcasing our versatility and adaptability in the world of robot combat.

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Stability, unique ammunition design, overall appearance, as well as aggression… name it, and Raptor has it!


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This 30kg category bot 

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