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About Us

We are a diversified robotics crew consisting of alumni and students from St. Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore. Our team deals with advanced industrial robots, IOT, autonomous robots, circuit designs and way more than you can imagine. Get ready to bridge the gap between automation and reality today, with Team Terrorbull Robotics!


 TerrorBull Robotics is an entirely student run diversified college robotics club dealing with Industrial robots, Hobby-level RC, Robotics, Autonomous robots, IOT,Circuit  designing and much more. Developing  technology for environmental sustainability, sustainable future and global.We are renowned for our stability, aggression and spectacular bot designs. Moreover the distinct weapons we possess set us apart from the masses. TB Robotics is dedicated in inculcating the love for Science,Robotics,Technology & pushing boundaries in creative thinking. We actively engage among students & passionate minds through sessions and workshops.

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What We Do?

Indeed, technology is constantly leaping forward, thus effectively maximizing productivity. This technological breakthrough may be quite challenging, considering the fact that there is a limitation of utilization to the fullest potential. Our main purpose is to develop futuristic technology for global environmental sustainability. Team Terrorbull is redefining technological boundaries today, engaging students as well as other creative minds through informative sessions and workshops!

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