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Our Achievements


We being the first team to build a wireless combat robot from Karnataka, have won first place in Robowars held at SPCE Andheri in our very first attempt. The robot competed against the best teams in India and was praised for its simplicity and strength. Adding to this, the bot won first place in its next event held at IIT Madras.


We made our debut into the International Robowar event ‘The Techfest, IIT Bombay’ in december 2018 for 120 lbs category. Out of 48 teams participated from all over the world, we secured our position in the top eight teams.


Achievements in Robo Combat:


  • First place in Sardar Patel College of Engineering (SPCE), Andheri (W) 2018.

  • First place at Quark-18, BITS Pilani Goa.

  • First place at Shaastra-18, IIT Madras.

  • First and second  place at TechTatva-17, MIT Manipal.

  • First and second place at Technozion-17, NIT Warangal.

  • Second place at Engineer-17, NITK Surathkal.

  • First place at TechTatva-18, MIT Manipal.

  • First place at Magnovite-18, Christ University Bangalore.

  • First place at Enigma-18, MCE Hasan.

  • Second place at Technozion-18, NIT Warangal.

  • First place at Sambhram-17, SDIT Mangalore.

  • Second place at Technidarshan-16,  NMAMIT Nitte.

  • Third place at Engineer -16 , NITK Surathkal.

  • First place at Sambhram -17 , SDIT  Mangalore.

  • Second place at Envision -17, Srinivas Valachil.

  • First and Second place at Incridea-18, NMAMIT Nitte.

  • First place at TIARA-18, SJEC Mangalore.

  • First place at Sambhram-18, SDIT-Mangalore.

  • Second place at Anaadyanta-18, NMIT Bangalore.

  • Second place at Sentia-18, MITE Moodabidri.

  • Second place at Engineer-18, NITK Surathkal.

  • First place at Drishti-18, CET Trivandrum.

  • First place at Incridea-19, NMAMIT Nitte.

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